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Ruebud Media Inc. - Payments

Owned & Operated

Five Major Owned and Operated Websites Focused in Banking, Payments & Personal Finance, Backed by 35 Years of Expertise in All Three Segments and 50 Years of Broadcasting Experience

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Ruebud Media Inc - A/V Production

Manage & Develop

Thirty Websites Under Management and in Various Stages of Creative Development. Largest Project Underway for 2020 is a shoot with a Redwood City, CA Audio & Video Production Company

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Ruebud Media, Inc - Apps

Multi-Media & Apps

Currently Collaborating with a New York-based Financial Services Investment Firm to Bring Three Pending Payments App Patents to Market in 2020 with a Global Multi-Media Promo Campaign

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The Ingredient for Success? – Ruebud

Rue is the “Herb of Grace” and has a long tradition of improving eyesight. Drawing on its extensive and pioneering experience in all forms of media and subsequently knowledge and power in the payments universe Ruebud Media™ is here to remove your “business cataracts.”

At every turn in technology Ruebud Media™ has always been among first out of the gate: from Tube-to-Transistor in the 1960s; Magnetic Tape Phases in the mid-1970s; PCs & Desktop Publishing in the mid-1980s; Internet & Network Platforms in the mid-1990s; Apps & Social Media in the mid-2000s; Podcasting & Videocasting in the mid-2010s and Now Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and 5G.

Concurrently, the lightspeed development of the payment cards industry is a wave Ruebud Media™ rode since 1985 building a major global enterprise, uniquely serving the interests of both consumers and payment executives. Our credentials speak for themselves.

Today, the Ruebud Media™ mission is to share its sharp eyesight and foresight.

Ruebud Media, Inc. - Future

Float Your Ideas with Ruebud . . .

While Ruebud Media™ predominantly works with well capitalized creative projects, on a national or international basis, we are also able to help you, as a courtesy, to locate a reputable and experienced firm for smaller projects such such website building, SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, social media integration, etc.