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Robert McKinley - RAM
Launch of RAM Research 1986

After retiring in 2009, Robert McKinley, the Founder and Current President of Ruebud Media™, decided to end his retirement in 2019 to jump back into the new age of payments as well as the convergence of media technology. 

Mr. McKinley was the Founder and CEO of RAM Research, a pioneer in the payments information age in 1985, evolving into other divisions, (i.e. CardWeb, CardTrak, etc) with national and international operations. His expertise was sought after by some of the largest corporations and he was extensively quoted, interviewed by news organizations worldwide.

Robert McKinley - Florida Retirement
Enjoying Florida Retirement 2009-2019

After taking a huge financial loss in the aftermath of the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, dealing with a personal health scare in early 2009, the near loss of his youngest son (of six children) in mid-2009, and the unexpected death of his wife of 36 years at the end of 2009, Mr. McKinley “hung up his cleats.”

Shortly thereafter he sold his Maryland home, and later his Pennsylvania lodge, retiring to his Florida home and assisting many non-profits. But the emergence and convergence of relevant technologies over the past decade beckoned his return. Furthermore, many of the projects he was developing were hampered by the lack of technology ten years ago.

Robert McKinley - 2019
Back in the Saddle Late 2019